Being able to leave, heal and recover from a pseudolove relationship is, in my experience, a process. It didn’t happen overnight.
The tools and techniques listed below helped me deal with my confusion, pain, intense emotions,  anxiety, incessant and obsessive thoughts, and fears.
Why use tools?
Tools are necessary for healing.
“You can’t change unless you give (yourself) authentic techniques with which to change.”
Osho, Book of Secrets
The purpose of healing tools is to help you function and be your optimum self.
According to physicist Thomas Campbell, the point of using tools is to help us let go of our fear and ego. Doing so eventually helps us grow and see the big picture or the “larger reality frame” that is beyond our problems.
“Tools help us let go / release / deal with our beliefs, fears and ego. It is these beliefs, fears and ego which hold us back. When we are able to release our fear and ego, we are able to do what is natural and effortless: we Love our Self and we become Love.”
Tom Campbell, Physicist


When our fears, beliefs, illusions and pain are processed, paid attention to, acknowledged, and felt – healing is possible.
‘Getting rid of the pain’ is not the sole point of healing – accepting, dealing with the pain and its causes are.
Admittedly, this is difficult. We all have the tendency to avoid pain. We do our best to deny or dismiss it. Yet the best way to be free from pain is by acknowledging its presence.
At times, the pain we experience is a way to remind us to take care of ourselves,  Love our Selves, not judge ourselves and be compassionate towards ourselves.
Similar to the way we use an alarm clock to ring us awake in the morning in time to start the day, pain is our soul’s way to remind us to be awake to what we have to do now so we can better ourselves.
 “Pain is evolution’s oldest device for getting your conscious mind involved in your body’s health and safety…Pain is more than just a distress signal. It is a distress signal with teeth. IT INSISTS THAT YOU FIX THE PROBLEM AND THAT, IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW, YOU FIGURE IT OUT..”
Donna Eden, Energy Medicine p. 297
It is my intent these tools will help you experience the process of healing your Self, authentically loving your Self, and being kind and compassionate towards your Self.
If you are afraid or if you feel you can’t do it alone, please know that you don’t have to. There are people and tons of resources available for you.
You only need to be willing to open yourself to change. You only have to wish it in your heart and make self-healing choices for your own good.
Once you do, you will see opportunities and circumstances guiding you and giving you their hand. You only have to open your eyes and hold their hand.
You also have to help yourself by accepting and facing your fears; acknowledging and dealing with your pain; having the focus to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and better yourself by being aware of your motivations, your attachments, your thoughts and why you do what you do.


Below is an eBook listing the tools and techniques that will suit the emotional stages you are going through.
I personally used these tools and techniques during the process of leaving – and as I was struggling to heal and recover from – my pseudolove relationship.
This eBook is for YOU if:
You know you don’t deserve to be hurt.
You know you don’t deserve to be confused.
You know you don’t deserve to receive abuse.
You know that no one deserves to receive abuse.
This eBook wants YOU to know that:
You can CHOOSE to leave,
You can CHOOSE to heal,
You can CHOOSE to recover from your pseudolove relationship.
This eBook shares tools and techniques to help you know how to do all these.
Healing is not easy but it is 100% possible.


 This eBook is not for YOU if:

You are looking for ways to change yourself so you can learn to live with abuse.
You want to remove your doubts about your pseudolove relationship.
You prefer to not face or acknowledge your doubts.
You want to know how to better live with your pseudolover by not acknowledging your emotions and by undermining your safety and self-worth.
You want someone to tell you to leave, if you are waiting for someone to decide for you to leave.
You are looking for ways to hold onto your pseudolove relationship.
You don’t want to see your pseudolove relationship as it is and still prefer to see it through rose-colored glasses.
You want to forget the abuse you experienced and dismiss them away as if they never happened.
This eBook intends:
To help you see all the patterns and programs you have been conditioned to follow or adhere to either by your immediate environment (family, friends, culture) or your own beliefs – and be free from all these.
For you to decide on your own what is best for you as based on Your Knowing – the Self that is always looking after your best interest (At times this is the same Self we don’t pay attention to, don’t care about, don’t respect, or don’t even want to look at or acknowledge). Its decision is always for your evolution not entropy.
If you are ready for all these, this eBook is for you.

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